Traceability and origin of our products

At Bioterra, we are committed to sustainability, which is why we want to provide our customers with all the information about the traceability of our products.

Starting in the field

Bioterra is composed of around 600 farmers who cultivate dried fruits and nuts. With plantations worked for several generations and spread over more than 4,000 hectares distributed across 4 autonomous communities in Spain (Extremadura, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, and Castilla y León).

We advise each of them to choose the most suitable tree variety for their soil and climatic conditions, aiming for efficiency and quality.

Moreover, the varieties we are currently implementing do not require different pollinators from themselves, resulting in monovarietal, self-fertile, and non-genetically modified plantations.

We take care of the whole process

At Bioterra, we grow, produce, and market different varieties of Spanish almonds, as well as premium figs, wild pine nuts, and high-quality pistachios, among other nuts. Our crops are both natural (conventional) and certified organic.

Our crops are both natural (conventional) and certified organic. From these high-quality raw materials, we create our snacks and other gourmet products like the Bioterra Gourmet range.

Products that require processing such as roasted, dehydrated, or chocolate-covered items also undergo an ecological and artisanal process. Completely natural, with no artificial additives.

At Bioterra, we manage the entire production process, from the seed planted by the farmer to its arrival in your pantry, and of course, we maintain meticulous control over the traceability of each product.

From seed to your table

It all begins with studying the area, the soil, and the climate to advise our associated farmers on the most suitable almond variety to plant in each case.

After daily care, analysis, and the implementation of natural techniques for the optimal development of the plantations, such as natural pollination, the long-awaited harvesting moment arrives.

The fruits are collected in the fields themselves, and right there, the almonds are peeled, removing their gray-green skin.

Next, the product is taken to Bioterra’s facilities, where we take care of the entire process until it’s ready for shipment to the consumer: almond shelling, blanching, grinding… and finally, packaging with protective atmosphere in our bags.

The next step is shipping to consumers, either directly to their homes in the case of online sales or to stores, supermarkets, or businesses that distribute our products.

The final step is left to you: recycling our packaging after use, whether it’s plastic, cardboard, or our new 100% compostable  that break down organically, helping us contribute to a circular and sustainable economy.

In this way, from seed to table, we oversee all stages of production, from planting the first seed to reaching your home. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality and authentic flavor of a healthy and natural food.

By controlling the origin of our nuts and using artisanal processes for their preparation, we ensure that the nutritional benefits of each product remain intact, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Pioneers in sustainable farming

We are a pioneering company in introducing organic almond production in Spain, placing us at the forefront of organic agriculture since the 1990s, with a strong commitment to the environment.

At Bioterra, we embrace sustainable processes and minimize waste in our production system to contribute to a circular economy. We are among the first companies to offer 100% compostable packaging in the food industry.

This self-demanding approach allows us to hold international certifications such as IFS Food, Kosher, USDA Organic, EU Organic, and Canada Organic.

 Want to know more about our products?

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