Organic caramelized almonds grown in Spain.

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If you’re looking for the closest thing to (Christmas) healthy candied almonds, congratulations: it’s these.

Give (or treat yourself to) this gourmet indulgence and enjoy a crispy texture on a delicious almond, toasted and coated with organic whole cane sugar.

The best of the classic candied almonds recipe without the excess of refined sugar.

100 grams of exquisite caramelized almonds for your table, free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and additives.

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The irresistible Christmas aroma of candied almonds fills the winter air as soon as December appears on the calendar.

At Bioterra, we preserve the best of our traditions by taking care of what matters most: the raw materials.
When something is truly good, it doesn’t need disguises.
That’s why forget about the excessive amount of refined sugar in traditional candied almonds.

And highlight their delicious flavor.

If you want high-quality almonds instead of the typical ones with more sugar than almonds – which, although they may sound like a bargain, end up being soft or have a surprise hidden behind that thick layer of sugar that masks them – these caramelized ones taste like the candied almonds you know, but without the need for so much sugar… and with Spanish almonds in great condition.

We roast our finest almonds and coat them in a thin layer of organic whole cane sugar.

The result is a delicious and enticing sweet almond, with a carefully crafted caramel coating and a crispy, balanced texture along with a 10/10 flavor.

You’ll love these caramelized almonds if…

  • You want to give a special gourmet gift without gifting pure refined sugar on an empty, stale, or soft nut. Or if you want to enjoy them at home.
  • You support local and organic shopping that directly benefits producers (that is, us and our families) and the good value-for-money relationship you receive.
  • You appreciate that the best part of candied almonds is evenly distributed, with 50% in the coating and 50% in the almond… and you prefer to pay for something good rather than risk cheapness turning out to be expensive.



ALMOND* (70%) and whole brown cane sugar* (30%)
(*) From organic farming.


Allergic to ALMOND.
May contain traces of other TREE NUTS, SOY, and MILK (including lactose).

Nutritional Information

Average nutritional content per 100 g of product. Energy (Kcal)

Energy (Kj)

Total Fat (g)

Gr. Saturated Fat (g)

Carbohydrates (g)

(Sugars 39.9 g)

Fiber (g)

Proteins (g)

Salt (g)










Additional information

Weight 100 g

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Store in a cool, dry place, at a temperature between 10 and 15°C, and protected from direct sunlight.
  • Best consumed within 12 months.
  • Natural, organic ingredients, 100% free from additives and preservatives.
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere to preserve all flavor, freshness, and texture properties (oxygen-free).


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