Services for Producers

For our associated producers and new producers in need, we offer a wide range of services at your disposal:

Almond Cultivation Harvesting in Spain by Bioterra
  • Support service for processing Basic Payment Scheme and Small Farmer Scheme aid applications.
  • Advice on integrated cultivation techniques through our accredited technicians, including our members in the corresponding Technical Group for Plant Health (ATESVE).
  • Guidance on almond cultivation under the Organic Farming regime, also processing applications for registration in the Register of Operators owning organic production farms.
  • Request for Agro-Environmental Grants for Cultivation in both the Starting Organic Farming (3 years of grants) and Maintenance of this cultivation system (5 years of grants) modalities.
  • Seeking grants for cultivation machinery and self-fertile variety plants for the new plantations of our associates, as well as for acquiring environmentally friendly production systems.
  • Provision of plants of different almond varieties, grafted on both GF and Garnem rootstocks. Supplied in pots between the months of March and May.
  • Information and updates on the most innovative cultivation methods, organizing workshops and field visits to witness primary production processes firsthand.
  • Advice on pests and diseases of cultivation, both remotely through mobile phone communication with photo and document sharing, and in-person by visiting affected plantations and providing appropriate solutions.
  • Ongoing information about the condition of plantations and the evolution of pests and diseases, notifying associates of the optimal times for treatment through social media and our collaboration with the Plant Health Service of the Government of Extremadura.