Skinless Almond Cream

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Delicious skinless almond cream made exclusively with the best Spanish almonds.

Nutritious source of plant proteins that will make your dishes delicious.

No sugar, no salt, no gluten, no palm oil, no other additives. 100% almonds.


100% recyclable packaging. 200g of skinless almond cream.

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100% almonds, 100% natural.

No additives or preservatives.

Almonds selected by us create this nutritious almond paste that will become a must-have for your spreads and in your kitchen!

This almond cream is made from skinless almonds, with a milder flavor than our toasted cream, making it an ideal choice to add to any recipe.

Haven’t tried it yet?

Imagine your sauces, desserts, or smoothies with a much healthier and deliciously nutritious option.

Gluten-free, No added sugars, No salt, with a High protein and fiber content. Ideal for vegan, keto, or paleo diets.

Artisanally crafted almond butter to preserve all its natural nutrients intact. How do we do it? Cold stone-grinding the almonds in a mill, so the almond cream retains all its flavor and nutritional benefits.

Just almonds! 100% our finest selected almonds. From the seed to your table.

A different way to enjoy fantastic almonds.

  • Country of origin: Spain


Remember, we are producers. By purchasing this product, you support 600 local farming families and promote local trade. Thank you for collaborating.

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Weight 200 g


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