We began as a nut processing company established in 1990, resulting from the collaboration of several almond producers from various regions of Spain. They joined forces to seek alternatives to the prevailing agricultural situation and with the intention of directly marketing their products to the end consumers.

Bioterra Facilities

Currently, Nut Producers Spain (PROFUSE) brings together the majority of almond producers in Extremadura and a significant portion from other production regions in Spain. They have achieved their initial goal by introducing their products to the market under the brands. ÑUTS and BIOTERRA, with the latter being the pioneering brand in organic almond farming in Spain which, along with our values, defines our company’s mission to ensure the quality of Spanish almonds and environmental care. In recent years, the BIOTERRA PREMIUM brand was created to promote the highest quality products, focused on the most exquisite palates.

We are the first almond producer in Extremadura, with a primary focus on quality, and we are one of the largest almond processors in Spain. We produce various varieties of Spanish almonds, such as Marcona, Largueta, or Guara, as well as the French varieties Ferragnes and Ferraduel. Furthermore, we manufacture a wide range of natural and organic products based on varietal differentiation and customization for our international clients.

Bioterra has over 600 members spread across nearly 4,000 hectares, distributed among four autonomous communities in Spain. Our facilities cover 26,000 square meters for processing, storage, R&D, and offices. We hold several certifications according to the most demanding international quality standards, such as IFS.