The top chocolates

Bioterra products are characterized by their quality, their exquisite taste, and of course, their hallmark, its added value, the organic production form.

The almond marcona is a real pleasure for the taste. Its flavor provides an incredible sensation, even more rewarding, when you know the great nutritional value of these nuts, such as its high content of phosphorus, abundant amounts of fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamins B and E, besides being a great source of energy.

In Bioterra we have a whole range of chocolates and sweets, which besides having the distinguishing features and the quality of all our products, contain an extra sweetness, meant for the sweetest palates.

The best selling product in this line is the almond coated with milk chocolate and cinnamon, one of the crown jewels in this house, winner of the first award at the II Innovative Products Contest of FIAL fair 2014. And the other winning variety is the almond with black chocolate, for chocolate purists.
The regular consumption of almonds allows a higher quality of life. And all this without forgetting the unique and delightful experience that produces instantaneously its flavor.
What else could you ask for?”

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