Research, Development and innovation


Bioterra advocates for an investment policy based on researching new farming and harvesting techniques to reinforce the productive efficiency. For this purpose, we allocate budget items to this concept, treating it as a form of investment.

almendros en flor

To achieve these functions we have alliances with several agri-food institutions, among them it stands out EXATC, Extremadura Agri-Food National Technologic Centre (known in Spanish as CTAEX: Centro Tecnológico Nacional Agroalimentario de Extremadura), in the estate La Orden-Valdesequera. It is a collaboration agreement for five years for the development and implementation of the newest varieties in Extremadura. With two hectares dedicated to ten varieties, our surface is also the Almond Tree Investigation Centre in Extremadura.



Development and innovation

Thanks to previous research studies, we are continuously seeking to develop new lines of by-products. The aim is to increase our offer without losing sight of our main motto: producing healthy foods.

We also seek to make our associate’s work easier by implementing new farming and harvesting techniques.

Almond tree varieties

At the moment we have ten almond tree varieties, half of it for dry farming and the other half for irrigated farming, with some variety brought from research centres outside Extremadura. From our company we monitor the different varieties in order to know the performance of each one.

The newest almond tree plantations are tested in Extremadura. All of them are monovarietals, auto-fertile and of late blossoming, so the risk of suffering frosts is minimized, what is a significant benefit for the farmer.