Bioterra opens a branch in Navalmoral de la Mata

The inauguration of Bioterra subsidiary in Navalmoral de la Mata took place last Wednesday, July 19th and it was attended by numerous farmers from the area.
This new office has a 600 square meters warehouse and storage capacity for around 72 million kilos. The production from the area will be collected there and afterwards, will be sent to Bioterra headquarters in Corte de Peleas (Badajoz) where the production plant is located.
The branch is situated at Ctra. Jarandilla 49 in Navalmoral de la Mata and is already operational for the new harvest in August.
The key point of this meeting was Bioterra’s bet to introduce the almond cultivation and its fruit production as an alternative or a complement to the tobacco farming. The location where the office is located has the ideal characteristics for that.
Bioterra is committed to the organic farming that markets worldwide and now, besides that, proposes the almond as an alternative to tobacco.

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