Bioterra, from Extremadura to the world

Bioterra was founded in 1992. Since then, we have opted for the organic farming which, alongside our convictions, has made us the most important society of Extremadura in the nuts sector.
But our brand recognition goes far beyond our region. Our almonds, as the marcona ones, essential element in our products, have crossed borders to reach the other side of the planet, such as Australia.

Currently, outside Spain, the most profitable area for Bioterra is Europe. The countries that demand the almonds the most are Germany, Italy, France, Holland and even the United Kingdom.

Bioterra offers a wide range of products, with new additions as its our creation, the Premium line. Among our great offer of products the brown almond, blanched almond the almond flour stand out as the biggest sellers.

Almond consumption has proved to help prevening the formation of cancer cells and the appearance of various degenerative diseases of different organs. That is why the consumer has seen this tree nut as a healthy habit for their day to day life. And all this without forgetting its pleasant taste.


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